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I am Manu Pulikodan and I live in Birikkulam area of ​​Kasaragod district. I love traveling so I am also a travel vlogger. Great travel experiences through this site. Travel Tips .It shares a lot of travel related tech And Movie stuff with you

Movie Review, Gulf Job News, Kerala Central Government Job Vacancies, Other Insurance Company Job Opportunities and Private Job News are also shared through this site.The silence of the mid-morning, when the days and nights were sung on the slopes of the hills we had climbed in the past, came back to mind. Everything else has faded away. But when the lively rhythm of isolation emerges in the corner of the mind, a trip….that’s enough….everything is good…………


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There are many reasons to travel now. Travel can be for visiting relatives, visiting temples, celebrations, health care, study needs, entertainment or to the next city, state or country. Although the purpose and destination of every journey is different, there is no doubt that every journey is a blessing. Because every trip offers different experiences. As the water in the river is always changing, it is said that we will never see a river again, but the views keep changing even though the road is always traveled. We should always remember that every journey is a journey of new experiences. We should always keep our mind open to receive requests. Don’t measure another by the dress, language, customs and food you have been introduced to or practiced. Instead, we need to take with us on our journey a childlike curiosity to understand the basis of something we do not know. “When you go to a village where everyone walks on one leg, you first walk on one leg. There is a saying ‘then look for its cause’. Every ritual we are not familiar with has its karanas. Our journeys should be to know, not to judge.


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