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   Saudi Aramco Latest Job   You have great opportunities. Institution under the Saudi Government.There have been many opportunities in Saudi Aramco.Interested candidates can read the following and apply.

1. Civil Engineer
2. Safety Engineer
3. Mechanical Inspector
4. Drilling Engineer
5. Accountant
6. Oil Production Engineer
7. Gas Process Engineer
8. Chemical Engineer
9. Oil Facilities Planning Engineer
10. Petroleum Engineer
11. Offshore Geotechnical Engineer
12. Loss Prevention Engineer


13. Cost Engineer
14. Infrastructure Facilities Planning Engineer
15. Civil & Infrastructure Facilities Planning Engineer
16. Elevator Engineer
17. Pipeline Corrosion Engineer
18. Utilities Facilities Planning Engineer
19. Scheduler Engineer
20. Gas Production Engineer
21. Non-Metallics Engineer
22. Process Engineer
23. IT Systems Analyst
24. (Refineries) Advanced Process Control Engineer
25. Vibration Engineer
26. Senior Cybersecurity Database Analyst
27. Creative English Copywriter
28. Plant Corrosion Engineer
29. Economic & Strategy Engineer
30. Data Analytics Auditor
31. Senior Chemicals Consultant
32. Process Control Engineer
33. Marketing Specialist
34. Business System Analyst
35. Gas Facilities Planning Engineer
36. Process Improvement Engineer
37. Mechanical Stationary Equipment Engineer
38. Security Advisor
39. Petrographer Saudi Aramco Latest Job


40. Corrosion Engineer
41. Speechwriter
42. Environmental Engineer
43. Non-Metallic Engineer
44. Petroleum Engineering – Well Intervention Operations
45. Reliability Engineer
46. Finance Media Representative
47. Cybersecurity Architect
48. Lead Financial Auditor
49. Public Relations Representative – Citizenship
50. Maintenance & Reliability Management Professional
51. Reservoir Engineer for Unconventional 52. Reservoir (Ultra Tight/Tight Sand and Channel Reservoir)
53. (Refineries) – Process Engineer
54. Technical Writer
55. Reliability Engineer – Compressors
56. Segment Accounting Advisor
57. Agriculturalist – Hydroponics/Vertical Farming


58. Electricians Craftsmen Supervisor
59. UI/UX Specialist
60. Instrument Engineer – Analyzer Specialist
61. Control Systems Engineer
62. Rotating Equipment Engineer
63. Field Operations Maintenance Representative
64. Segment Accounting (Financial) Advisor
65. IT Systems Specialist
66. Music/Choir Teacher
67. Production Director
68. Downstream Chemical Engineer
69. Process Safety/ Risk Assessment Engineer
70. Drilling Foreman
71. Offshore Boat Deck Coordinator
72. Instructional Designer
73. Business Development Specialist
74. Senior Marketing Specialist
75. Cloud/Digital Solutions Professional
76. Security Investigator
And More…


About Saudi Aramco –
Saudi Aramco’s commitments across the worth chain help foster a lively energy area in Saudi Arabia while setting out solidness and freedom across the globe.
Settled in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Aramco follows its beginnings to 1933 when a Concession Agreement was marked that carried American geologists to Saudi Arabia. From that point forward, we have developed into the world’s driving energy and synthetics organization, driving worldwide trade and improving the day by day lives of individuals all throughout the planet.
From our demonstrated upstream abilities to our deliberately coordinated worldwide downstream organization, and our front line manageability innovations, we are one of a kind.
Experienced experts are looked for vocations with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. With positions in designing, geosciences, boring, training and then some, Aramco is continually searching for top ability to join the group.Saudi Aramco Latest Job

From designing super ventures to making industry-changing advances to dispatching creative new items, we have consistently had a steady drive to prevail by expanding the long haul, positive effects we empower from our assets.
● Fadhili Gas Plant
Fadhili is the principal plant to treat non-related gas from both coastal and seaward fields, and Fadhili is the main Saudi Aramco plant planned from the begin to utilize Tail Gas Treatment, permitting it to accomplish a sulfur recuperation of over 99.9%.
Presently at 98% of task consummation, the FGP is as of now handling up to 1.5 billion scfd of gas from two separate fields — the seaward Hasbah field, and the coastal Khursaniyah field. Inside the following not many months Fadhili will arrive at full limit, and as a feature of the organization’s Master Gas System (MGS) will assist with fulfilling the Kingdom’s developing need for energy.
● 4 IR Center
Our 4IR Center (4IRC) is 2,500 square meters committed to development and investigating forefront innovation
The cutting edge AI center point is ringed by a huge sunken screen that shows more than 20 operational arrangements, zeroed in on creating progressed investigation and AI arrangements. The UAV space exhibits operational employments of air, ground, and submerged robots that help flare stack examination, or methane gas identification.
The VR Zone is utilized to create and prepare administrators. Through expanded reality and augmented reality, they can get a live feeling of the plant insight from a recreation corner.
● Smart Helmets Supporting Operations During COVID-19
The innovation behind the keen cap, an Android tablet class wearable PC, is a sans hands gadget appended to a customary modern head protector. It utilizes voice acknowledgment programming and takes into consideration various capacities, for example, simple archive and screen sharing, high goal picture catching, video recording, and ongoing expanded reality increase for far off direction. The head protector likewise empowers numerous individuals to distantly run various help meetings all at once.

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