Chaliyar Mook of natural beauty I woke up in the morning in the freezing cold of November. I was on the left bank of Nilambur in Malappuram district. At that time I was working in a private sector there. Since that sector was vacant, my two friends and I decided to go to Chaliyar Mukku in Nilambur. Due to the proximity of the Nadukanichura and the Sahyaya mountains, it was the last cold, but without any hesitation, our art activities ended quickly. We left the hostel. At 9:20 am, the three of us headed back to Nilambur from the Edakara bus stand. I do not know .I was shocked when the bus suddenly braked. My friends who were with me said, let’s go here, so we got off at the Market Hill bus stand. About an hour from Chandakunnu, Lino and I happily walked to Chaliyar Junction, took small photos, took photos and videos, and slowly walked towards the banks of Chaliyar. We saw large trees lying around for about 45 minutes. Fifteen more minutes to the shore .Kill's voice is amazing. The Nilambur and Nilambur forests are one of the most important World Heritage Sites. The Malappuram district itself is very beautiful. Travel. As we were walking we reached our destination and on the way we noticed the elephant carcass dragging the bamboo bushes along the way. Chaliyarmukku is the confluence of three rivers, hence the name Chaliyarmukku. Leaving all the weedy sounds of the good fresh air birds, we said goodbye to Chaliyar for a while and walked back.

A trip to Chaliyar River Point

Chaliyar River flows through Nilambur, Mambad, Edavanna, Areecode, Vazhakkad and Feroke before joining the Arabian Sea at Beypore , Chaliyar River is the fourth longest river in Kerala at 169 km in length. The Chaliyar river is also known as Beypore River as it nears the sea I woke up in the morning in the […]

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