How to Reach bekal fort

How to Reach bekal fort A trip to Bekal Fort By Timevlogz

That afternoon I reached Kanhangad city on Saturday so the city was very busy.I boarded the bus to Kasaragod.At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the bus began to move slowly.I got off the bus in front of Bekal Fort. How to Reach bekal fort
Bekal Fort was also very busy that day.Bekal Fort offers a refreshing view of the beautiful scenery.Bekal Fort is located on 35 acres and faces the Arabian Sea.Bekal Fort is one of the most important forts in India and Asia.Most of the forts are made of red sandstone and are surrounded by the sea. There is a large fort wall on the beach, from which occasional forts are fortified. Apart from these, observation towers and underground tunnels can be seen in the fort.The inside of the fort offers beautiful views. I slowly took my phone camera and started capturing the views of the fort. The views of the fort spread over 35 acres will attract any tourist.
How to Reach bekal fort
I walked around enjoying the beautiful garden and the beauty of the different castle ..So I walked to the center of the fort and there was a revolving tower overlooking the sky. . The entrance, which is 24 meters in circumference and more than 9 meters in height, is sloping to raise ammunition. From the top of that observation tower it is very beautiful to see the fort, the Arabian Sea and the eastern mountains .I saw a ship sailing in the middle of the Arabian Sea …
Going back to the history of the fort, the area was formerly under the rule of the Kadambara dynasty, the Mushika dynasty and the Kolathiri kings. After this, the place came under the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire. After the defeat of Vijayanagar at the Battle of Thalikota in 1565, the region came under the rule of King Badinur.
The fort is believed to have been built between 1650 and 1660 by Shivappa Naik of the Badinur Naiks, also known as the Ikeri Naiks of Kumble. However, some historians believe that the fort was rebuilt for Shivappa Nai during the reign of the Kolathiri kings. Recent archeological excavations, however, indicate that the fort was part of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Around 1763, the fort was captured by Hyder Ali, the King of Mysore. During the reign of Tipu Sultan, this fort was the main administrative center of Tulunadu and Malabar. After the defeat of Tipu in 1791, the fort area came under British rule. It came under the jurisdiction of the Malabar District of British India. This fort is the backbone of Kasaragod and Malabar.
It was about 3.30 pm when I met a friend who was capturing the majestic beauty of Bekal Fort which is a World Heritage Site .A traveler who cycled from Kanyakumari to Kasaragod. I talked to the traveler for a while … I did not know the time had passed .. The cyclist told me to leave .. I also said goodbye to Bekal Fort and got out of there ..
how to reach Bekal Fort
How to reach Bekal Fort
How to Reach bekal fort bekal by Train, Bus, Car, Air
Which railway station is near to Bekal Beach?
Kasargod and Kanhagad are the nearest important railway stations from Bekal, which are located at a distance of around 14 km and 16 km away.
How to reach bekal fort from bangalore
The cheapest way to reach from Bangalore to Bekal is bus to Puttur, then cab to Bekal and takes 9h 23m. The fastest way to reach from Bangalore to Bekal is flight to Mangaluru Airport, then cab to Bekal and takes 3h 38m. The recommended way to reach from Bangalore to Bekal is cab to Bekal and takes 7h 34m.

Bekal Fort is located in the Kasaragod district of Kerala, India. Here’s how you can reach Bekal Fort:

### By Air
The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport (IXE), which is about 65 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Bekal Fort.

### By Train
The nearest railway station is Bekal Fort Railway Station (BFR), which is about 1.8 kilometers from the fort. Alternatively, Kanhangad Railway Station is about 12 kilometers away and Kasaragod Railway Station is about 14 kilometers away. From the railway stations, you can take an auto-rickshaw, taxi, or local bus to reach the fort.

### By Road
Bekal Fort is well-connected by road. You can reach Bekal Fort by:

– **Bus:** There are frequent bus services from major cities in Kerala and Karnataka to Kasaragod. From Kasaragod, you can take a local bus or a taxi to Bekal Fort.
– **Car:** You can drive to Bekal Fort from nearby cities. It’s approximately 350 kilometers from Bengaluru, 400 kilometers from Kochi, and 70 kilometers from Mangalore.

### Directions
– **From Mangalore:** Take NH66 (previously NH17) southwards. Bekal is around 70 kilometers from Mangalore, and the route takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours by road.
– **From Kochi:** Take NH66 northwards. The distance is around 400 kilometers, which takes approximately 8-9 hours by road.

Make sure to check the local transportation schedules and availability before planning your trip.

You’re welcome! If you have any more questions or need further assistance with your trip planning, feel free to ask. Have a great visit to Bekal Fort!

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