Whose seats on the bus?

Whose seats on the bus?

Whose seats on the bus?

Earlier there was a campaign in the social media that there is a law that men who are sitting in the priority seats for women in long-distance buses should not be seated seven times. But what is true? Can men sit with women in general seats? Can men sit in women’s reserved seats? What are the reserved seats? What is the punishment for sitting in these seats? Here’s everything you need to know.
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Men can sit and travel in buses if women’s seats are not occupied. The rule is that men should get up from their seats if women get on. In all buses, including KSRTC, 25 percent seats are reserved for women. The reserved seats can be allotted to men only if there are no women at the starting point of the service. The KSRTC order states that conductors should ask men to vacate priority seats if women demand them during the journey and should make it available to women.


Whose seats on the bus?


Many claim that general seats are only for men. But everyone, including women, has a right to those seats. If the general seat is unoccupied, anyone can sit. If women are sitting next to them, they cannot tell men to get up. Tell the conductor if there is any disturbance. The conductor can change him. Not only the men in the women’s seats, but also the women in the reserved seats including the disabled. It’s okay to sit, just stand up and give the seat when the deserving ones come. If you violate the law and travel on the reserved seat in the buses, there will be punishment including fine.



If the law is violated, the motor vehicle department will charge a fine of 100. Even so, the police can file a case under criminal proceedings and arrest the passenger www is arguing with the conductor and is not ready to move from the seat.



The reserved seats in the bus are like this

⚡ 5% seats in buses for disabled persons (two out of total seats)

⚡20% seats for senior citizens (10% for women, 10% for men)

NB – In other classes above Limited Stop and Limited Stop Ordinary they have only 5% reservation. This is also not applicable for vehicles with online reservation.

⚡25% seats for women (including 1 seat for pregnant women)

⚡5% seat mother and child

⚡One seat for pregnant women (Private and KSRTC buses have reserved seats for pregnant women. The Kerala Motor Vehicle Act was amended by the order of the Human Rights Commission to include at least one seat reserved for pregnant women in all buses)
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