How To Reach Gavi

How To Reach Gavi

How To Reach Gavi




iHow To Reach Gavi is an enchanting forest with wild and mysterious views. This country, which became known to the outside world through the Malayalam movie Ordinary and later became extraordinary, is a place that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. There are hundreds of things to look out for when going to Gavi, with forest and forest views, snow, wild streams and wild animals. Let’s take a look at the things to keep in mind while traveling to Gaviye Kadakam to experience the forest…


How To Reach GaviHow To Reach Gavi
A place where refugees have started to be resettled
Gavi’s history is a refugee story that can be found if you look for it. Agriculture and other things were started here with the aim of rehabilitating the refugees from Sri Lanka. They used to live in cardamom plantations and factories for ages. It is only later that tourism comes into the field of tourism in a controlled manner after realizing the potential of tourism here.

From trekking to camping
From trekking to camping, everything a traveler needs to enjoy is here. This place is quite different from other places as it promotes eco-tourism. Those who come here can enjoy trekking, wildlife watching, outdoor camping, night safari etc.

How To Reach Gavi
An elephant ride through the forest
One of the most preferred ways to travel to Gavi is by KSRTC bus. There is a bus from Pathanamthitta KSRTC stand to Kumali via Gavi. Bus timings from Pathanamthitta KSRTC stand are 6.30 am and 12.30 pm.
There is a bus from Kumali at the same time. Contact the respective depots to know the exact timings and services of the buses.


When he comes in his own car
Although there are no barriers for private vehicles to come to Gavi, only a certain number of vehicles will be allowed through. Entry is possible only after obtaining advance passes from the forest check post at Angamoozhi. You have to book online and visit the forest office to collect the pass. Only 30 carts are allowed per day. So try to reach here early in the morning.


off road
Needless to say, the journey through the forest will be off-road… so those who go in private vehicles should try to use suitable vehicles. More suitable if it has four-wheel drive. Better to come with a jeep. Try to avoid two wheeler.

How To Reach Gavi
Kilometers through the forest
It attracts the adventurers as it is a journey through the forest for kilometers. It is also a journey through the jungle without any other distractions. No matter how hot it is, it is very cold here in the forest.


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Five dams
Dams are the most visible thing when going on the Gavi route. There will be five dams in this journey. They are Moozhiyar, Kaki, Anathode, Kochupamba and Gavi.


to notice
It is a place that preserves nature in its own way. Therefore, it is not allowed to throw plastic, other waste, food waste etc. inside the forest. At Kochandi, Vallakadav, Gavi and Vandiperiyar, the train will be opened and inspected.

How To Reach Gavi

How to Reach Gavi By Bus


The bus timings from both the KSRTC stations,

From Pathanamthitta to Kumily via Gavi :

Schedule 1:
06.30 AM : Pathanamthitta
11.00 AM : Gavi
12.45 PM : Kumily

Schedule 2:
01.30 PM : Pathanamthitta
06.00 PM : Gavi
07.45 PM : Kumily

From Kumily to Pathanamthitta via Gavi :

Schedule 1:
06.30 AM : Kumily
08.00 AM : Gavi
12.45 PM : Pathanamthitta


How To Reach Gavi

Schedule 2:
01.30 PM : Kumily
03.00 PM : Gavi
07.45 PM : Pathanamthitta

You can contact the Pathanamthitta KSRTC depot or Kumily KSRTC depot if you want to check more about the service. The phone numbers ,

Pathanamthitta KSRTC :
Office :  0468 – 2229213
Station Master :  0468 – 2222366

Kumily KSRTC :
Office :  0486- 9224242
Station Master :  0486- 9224242 (same as office)


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