Things travelers going to Lakshadweep should know…

Things travelers going to Lakshadweep should know…

Things travelers going to Lakshadweep should know…

Lakshadweep Yatra – Things Travelers Going to Lakshadweep Must Know…

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Although Lakshadweep is part of India, a special permit is required to travel there. It is obtained from Lakshadweep Administrative Offices in Ernakulam Island. It takes about 2 weeks to a month to get the permit. I went alone, so I don’t even know what obstacles I have to face.

Things travelers going to Lakshadweep should know…

You can go by ship or flight, since the airport is only in Agathi Island, you can go by sea or helicopter to go to other places. It is also possible to get close-up sightings of dolphin swarms and flyfish. Although most of the ships are new now, if you want to enjoy the cruise to its fullest, you can choose either MV Lagoons or MV Corals. Not only is the size bigger, but the atmosphere is equal to a star hotel.

The duration of the cruise depends on the islands chosen. Direct sailings range from 12 hours to 24 hours, with round trips up to 48 hours. Good quality food and bakery items are all available on board. Most ships have wharfs, and those that don’t have docks in the open sea and people are taken off by boat. Ships will not approach there.

Small concrete roads only 4 meters wide.Alcohol prohibited zone, tri land. Any essential items are taken from Kerala, so the price increases. Most of the people there are central government officials and Mukuwans. Fridays are public holidays. Schools and others will be open on Sundays.

In general, BSNL is the only mobile service…

Things travelers going to Lakshadweep should know…

Private tourism is not allowed there by the government. Good loving innocent people. Many water sports like scuba diving are available under the government. If you go underwater diving, you will see the world under the sea in such a way that the Discovery Channel will lose.

There are traditional tea shops and hotels seen in 1980s movies, New Gen has started to take over those areas, the main entertainment is the sea, where you can forget about bathing in the clear waters bordering the mall islands. You can walk in shallow water to the nearby uninhabited island. Although the language style is generally different, everyone knows Malayalam somehow. Most of the vehicles are bikes as there is no space to travel far. If necessary, a seat will be placed at the back of the goods wagons and a person will be carried in it.

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The islanders have their own style of sweets and other delicacies. All are well and good. If you make friends with the locals, you can go out to sea with them to catch fish.


Forget everything and spend a few days there away from the hustle and bustle of the city and it will surely be an unforgettable experience!! You can go anytime except rainy season. During the rainy season, sea travel is a bit difficult.

To get Permit, either you need a sponsor in Lakshadweep or you have to take a tour package.

How to Reach lakshadweep

Flight charge 5500 /- Rs
Ship charge Bunk 390 /-Rs First class 3000 /-Rs
Room rent double 400 /- Rs
Brakefast 40 /- Rs
Lunch with Stew 50/-Rs

Visit to get ship ticket..

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