How to Reach Nelliampathi

How to reach Nelliyampathy

How to Reach Nelliampathi , Nelliampathi is a part of the Western Ghats, located at a distance of 32 km from Nemmara in Palakkad. Pothundi, 10 km from Nemmara, will be taken to Nelliampathi through the Forest Department inspection center. Every day, from 7 am to 2.30 pm, only one – day visitors are allowed to enter. However, those who come to stay in Nelliyampathi (those who have booked accommodation in advance) will get small discounts during the journey.

The pass starts on the right side of Pothundi Dam. The pass is 22 km long. Watch towers have been constructed in three parts to see the greenery and forest beauty of Palakkad. You can enjoy more views from the second watch tower you see while climbing into it. The breeze and the touch of fog are the magic of nature.

From here, if you look carefully at the hill on the right and the hill on the right, you can see herds of elephants grazing and wild buffalo. Bringing binoculars for better vision will enhance the beauty of the views.

Forest officials are warning people to return to Pothundi before 4 pm as they are likely to descend in droves in the evening as baby elephants and other animals descend in droves.

Once you ascend, you can enjoy views of the Pothundi Dam from the nearby Pass Pass. Later, you can see the greenery and biodiversity of the Nelliampathi Hills from the next view point, Ayappanthittu. Arriving later if the journey continues. The entrance to Nelliyampathi is at Kaikatti. He climbed to the right and walked for two kilometers to reach the Keshavanpara view point. If you walk through the forest, you can enjoy the views of Pothundi Dam and Palakkad. Return and travel through the tea plantations and after 12 km you will reach the Karapara suspension bridge built for the colonists of Nelliampathi.

How to Reach Nelliampathi

The chances of seeing hornbills in the forest in this area are now high.
We saw the sights here and went back the same way to Kaikatti. Take the right-hand drive to the next sights. After 2 km, you will reach the site of the Government Orange and Vegetable Farm at Pulayampara, the majestic Nelliyampathi. You can also see the views of the farm here.
If you continue your journey further, you will pass through the tea gardens and by entering the vehicle number and name at the check post of Pobson Estate, you will reach Sitarkund, the main attraction of Nelliyampathi.

How to Reach Nelliampathi

There is a parking fee for vehicles here. If you walk, you can see most parts of Palakkad and the dams including Chulliyar and Meenkara if the weather is favorable. Enjoying the view from Sitarkund, Palakkad and the breeze is an experience.

How to Reach Nelliampathi
On the way back, you can take a dip in Greenland, a private resort. There is a small farm of different breeds of chickens, birds and sheep. Kids can enjoy.
Back in the cold, you can go back to the sights of a day in the joy of the past to remember the sights in your mind and copy the pictures. (One day view only)
Apart from this, off road travel is another part of Nelliyampathi. This is a jeep ride through the forest path of Nelliampathi. Travel via Karasuri Hill, Anamada and Minnampara, 14 km from Pulayampara. It is an enjoyable journey over dirt roads, gravel roads and rocky outcrops. If you are lucky, you will also get a chance to see elephants, wild buffaloes and other wildlife in person.


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