Kumpala Fort

Historic Kumbala Fort and Highlights Timevlogz

Kumbala Fort

I took the Thiruvananthapuram-Mangalore Express from Nileshwaram railway station at 9:20 am and returned to Kumbala in Kasaragod
The train was very busy and I took my camera and captured the beautiful views of the outside of the train. Kasaragod is the district with the highest number of rivers.A land of gods, forts and beautiful mountains.
The train reached Kumbala station at around 10 am. I came here to see the historic Kumbala Fort
Kumbala Fort is located on the National Highway. A Hanuman Temple can also be seen nearby
Kumbala Desam was a former princely state of Kerala in the history of Kumbala. Kumbala is a part of the Thulunad region. The country was located at the northernmost tip of Kerala. It was ruled by the kings of the Mayippadi Kovil and covered most of the present day Kasargod Taluk. During the reign of the Vijayanagara kings and during the conquest of the Kasargod region by the Bidanur kings.
Kumbala derives its name from the river Kumbhini. The present name of Kumbhini River is Kumbala River. It is also known as Kanvapura as it is associated with Kanvamuni. The name of the nearest Gopalakrishna Temple is Kanipura Gopalakrishna Temple. Kanipura is derived from the name Kanvapuram.
kumbla fort
Present condition of Kumbala Fort.
Today, the fort is on the verge of destruction. The fort is surrounded by  and shrubs. Kumbala Fort is a historical monument that needs to be preserved

Major trains stop at Kumbala Railway Station
Kozhikode, Passenger
Kannur Passenger
Malabar Express
Coimbatore Passenger
Chinai Ekmur Express
Ernad Express
Thiruvananthapuram Express
How many kilometers is it to Kumbala Fort (NH) from some cities?
A short drive from various towns
Kasaragod: 14 km
Kumbala Town: 1 km
Manjeswaram: 16 km
Mangalore: 40 km
Kanhangad. : 35 km
Nileshwaram  :46 km
Kannur.           : 107 km

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