Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple the only lake temple in Kerala

  Ananthapura lake temple in kasaragod Kerala We returned to Kumbala town after seeing the views of Kumbala Fort.The time was about noonI went to a shop and my boyfriend and I drank a lemonade. -We were preparing for my next trip (Timevlogz) Ananthapura Lake Temple
Ananthapura lake temple in kasaragod Kerala. India We boarded a bus to an important water lake temple in Kasaragod district.Being an ordinary bus, it goes slowly.We have to get off the bus at Naikappu.9 rupees from Kumbala to Naikappa.
To reach the Ananthapuram Water Lake Temple, take a bus to Naikappu
We got off at the Naikappu bus stop. I took each auto and went straight to the Ananthapura temple. The auto charge is 25 rupees.
Ananthapura Lake Temple The Ananthapura temple was well crowded. That day. Beautiful place with good natural beauty.The lake is spread over acres and has a beautiful temple located in the middle of it.Another specialty is the crocodile that lies wonderfully there.These are the offerings worshiped in the temple.The name of this crocodile is Bavia.The vegetarian crocodile Bavia and the temple have many historical stories to tell…….

The legend of this temple is associated with Vilvamangalam Swamy. There was a boy who helped Vilvamangalam who was performing pooja in this temple. Vilvamangalam pushed the naughty boy away. The boy who fell and told Ananthan to come to the forest if he wanted to see me disappeared. Vilvamangalam, who was a sage, immediately realized that the boy was Vishnu. Then Ananthan Padmanabhan was enshrined in the forest where Vilvamangalam saw Divya Tejas moving south. That is how the Sri Padmanabha Temple in Thiruvananthapuram came to be .kandum sarkkara made of hard jaggery..The idol is made of a mixture of jaggery, beeswax, wheat flour, oleoresin and more than 64.
Ananthapura Lake Temple
The crocodile, which has long been seen in the lake, was shot dead by the British, but “Babia”, who later appeared on his own, is harmless. The temple priests testify that the food of “Babiya” is the only offering in the temple
Another feature of the temple is that no matter how much rain falls, the water in the lake does not overflow or recede.This temple is located in Kumbala in Kasaragod district and is the headquarters of the Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram. It is the only water body temple in Kerala
I spent some time looking around the temple and the temple grounds.
There is a big tree near the temple. In the past, the crocodile in the temple was shot dead by the British
Bavia is the crocodile that appeared years later.When the British shot and killed the crocodile, a terrifying monster attacked the British from this tree.
Hundreds of people from Kerala and other Indian states visit the temple.You can also see a small palace near the temple. The construction of the temple .As well as the lake.After seeing the crocodile and the beautiful views of the temple, we said goodbye to Anantha Padmanabhan [MAHA VISHNU ]and left.
Ananthapura Lake Temple
Distance from various places to Ananthapura temple
  1. Kannur:.      105:3

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