Nilambur Teak Museum

Nilambur Teak Museum with beautiful Garden

Nilambur Teak Museum and Organic Gardens is a great place for couples Timevlogz Travelogue


It was one of the most memorable moments of the journey.My friends and I got into an auto after drinking tea from a small box store in Nilambur town.We headed to Nilambur, the most important teak museum in the world

The time was 10 a.m.Nilambur is the largest teak plantation in the world.We bought tickets and went inside the museum. The beautiful view of nature came to mind.Nilambur Teak Museum is home to birds and butterflies.We went inside the Teak Museum .It’s a beautiful interior.We looked curiously at the many objects made of teak wood.

A staff member there told us the history of teak in Nilambur.Founded in 1995, the museum is located on the site of a teak plantation 161 years ago.The Connolly plot is also very close to this.Traders who came to Kerala in ancient times believe that teak and home were bought long before pepper. A wooden house table found only in the Nilambur forest from Rome. Eritrean records of the Elder Pliny contain descriptions of the unique teak trees of Kerala. It is said that teak was taken from the forests of Nilambur during the time of Prophet Solomon. However, in 1840, the British scientifically started the world’s first teak plantation at Nilambur under the name of Connolly Plot.The name teak comes from the fact that it comes from the south

The views of the Teak Museum will captivate everyone. This is a great place to visit as a family.There is an organic resource garden next to the Teak Museum.More and more couples are coming here.This is a great place to take photos and videos.

The Museum is located on the Ooty Road from Nilambur Town as part of the Kerala Forest Exploration.

Organic planet. Pannal house, children’s park, rock garden and aquatic plant garden,This place is a storehouse that keeps our eyes cool.What attracted us the most was the butterfly garden here.I do not know. We took a lot of videos and photos.Access to the Connolly plot was banned due to the collapse of the Tuku Bridge.So we could not go there.

We left after saying goodbye to teak and its rich biodiversity

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