Revolution in Health Insurance Revolution in Health Insurance

Revolution in Health Insurance Revolution in Health Insurance

Revolution in Health Insurance; Now cashless treatment facility in all hospitals


General Insurance Council (GIC) with a step to create a revolution in the field of health insurance. Through the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ system, health insurance policy holders will now be able to avail cashless treatment from any hospital. Till now this facility was available only from network hospitals of insurance companies. What is the new change? How to get cashless treatment facility from any hospital? This information is examined in detail here.
What is the main change?
Until now, health insurance policy holders were getting cashless treatment only from hospitals with the participation of insurance companies.
Here the medical expenses were paid by the insurance company directly to the hospitals. Those seeking treatment at non-network hospitals, which do not have a partnership with an insurance company, would have to pay the entire bill from their own hands. Later the claim procedure was applied and the insurance company returned this amount to the policyholder through reimbursement. This required submission of several documents. And all this was subject to various inquiries and approvals from the insurance company. All this has caused delay in getting reimbursement. These methods have now changed.

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With the new ‘Cashless Everywhere’ system, the policyholder can avail cashless treatment from any hospital. That means you can get cashless facility in the insurance company’s network hospital or even. This means that even in non-network hospitals, the insurance company will now settle the policy holder’s medical bill.


Revolution in Health Insurance Revolution in Health Insurance

How to get cashless treatment in non-network hospitals?
According to the General Insurance Council guidelines, health insurance policy holders should remember the following three conditions
1. For elective procedures, customers must inform the insurance company at least 48 hours before admission to the hospital.
2. In case of emergency treatments, the insurance company should be informed within 48 hours of admission to the hospitals.
3. The claim will be allowed as per policy conditions. The cashless facility will be allowed as per the operating guidelines of the insurance company



Charges in Non-Network Hospitals will be as per existing Empaneled Insurance Company Charges
The General Insurance Council announced on January 24 that the cashless facility in non-network hospitals will be implemented soon. Hospitals with 15 beds registered with the concerned state health authority can now offer cashless facilities under the Clinical Establishment Act.
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