How to Reach Masinagudi

How to Reach Masinagudi

How to Reach Masinagudi

When the rainy season comes, the forest is very beautiful to see. That beauty is the purpose of this journey. While some travelers go inside the forest and experience the beauty, we stand outside and don’t look at it. Because of that, a trip like this will go.


Each time the companions change. This time it was the staff of the institution. We left at 12 o’clock on Saturday night with no assurance of what Nadukani had in store. As the rain was not so strong, we started climbing the pass. There was nothing to fear except a horn that would not stop feeding late into the night. Reached Thorapally check post at 5 pm. After the mandatory preliminaries, a short nap till the check post opens at 6 am.

How to Reach Masinagudi

Two horns welcomed him into the forest. The shoot was abandoned due to the incessant honking of the vehicles behind. At first, if you entered the post immediately after opening, you could see many animals. But now the needless honking and speeding of lorries will deter the animals from coming to the road. But deer and bison are handy. The forest is green. beautiful We reached Theppakkad Forest Reception Center and booked the bus safari. We also have a Kannatika family and a Tamil family. The wild buffalo is also the star of the safari. With deer and peacocks. There are also many female peacocks standing in one place.

But no one on the bus saw it. Peacocks are perhaps the only species in which males have a higher market value. Many types of birds were also seen. The car did not stop to take photos. In the distance there is an elephant standing with only his head showing. Everyone was noisy in the bus. 45 minute safari paisa wazul. Now cross 36 hair pin bends and touch the beautiful Masinagudi to Udagamandalam. Turn right from Theppakkad and go a little further. One and a half alone. If we had arrived a little earlier, we would have been ahead of him.

How to Reach Masinagudi
How to Reach Masinagudi

When he saw us a little off the road, he turned and stared at us for a while. Suddenly he remembered the camera. Taken and set

By the time he took it, he turned his head and moved into the forest.. But he got a good picture. Private jeep safaris pick up people on the roadside in Masinagadi. It’s good marketing.. It started at 700 and reached 500 within seconds. Those who came and went now were too tired to walk by hitting the animals. Reached Ooty around 10 am. I fell asleep in the car for a while. Came many times.

But sometimes one seems to come. To see a cough and go. Straight to the Botanical Garden. Spend some time there and return to Kutallalur via Paikara. After landing at the shooting point and crossing the pass and the tea garden where the fort came down, Kuttallurk. Had lunch at 3 o’clock again down Nadukani route. Rain and umbrella for the cage. Came home early and took a day’s sleep. My trips are like this.. a day. Use the maximum on that day. From 12 p.m. till night With the clinic 6 days a week, this is a lot.. Travels will continue…

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perfect time

Masinagudi has a tropical climate in nature during the months of October to May
Best time to take lap bath..
Avoid the month of April as it is the hottest time of the year.


Masinagudi, the land of the Irula tribesmen, got its name from Masani Amman, the personification of Ma Shakti. According to historical stories, the men of this tribal region took an oath of allegiance on a pillar erected by their ancestors in the forest 2000 years ago. A priest from the Irula tribe said that the Irulas settled Masinagudi despite the presence of safety water bodies. Later, when the Chola dynasty lost its glory, the tribals of Masinagudi found their occupation in agriculture, animal husbandry and snake catching. They started producing snakebite antidote and gradually moved to cities in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to serve snakebite victims. Tribulations After 2000 years of doing their culture in the forest of Masinagudi with the basics the night of the Chola dynasty.As guards And for reasons Despite the direct The tribe was able to maintain. Mahashivaratri is observed with great devotion by the locals and they are completely at peace.

How to Reach Masinagudi
How to Reach Masinagudi
How to reach masinagudi

The best aspect of a trip is not the destination, but rather the journey and the paths you went. So, for these reasons, we chose the Masinagudi-Ooty road on our trip to Ooty, which is full of curves, elevations, wildlife, lush green forest, and the occasional waterfall.How to reach: To begin, travel to Wayanad /Nilambur and take the route heading up to Gudaloor. Masinagudi is 25 kilometers from Gudalur. Then from Masinagudi you take this mesmerizing route to Ooty.Masinagudi-Ooty

Best Route Masinagudi-Ooty

Nilambur >vazhikadavu>Nadukani>Gudaloor >Masinagudi

How to Reach – Masinagudi (Tamil Nadu) from Cochin (Ernakulam) (Kerala)

Masinagudi is within Driving distance of Cochin (Ernakulam) (250 Kms – 6.50 hours).

How do I plan a trip to Masinagudi?


You can reach Masinagudi via Ooty or by taking the Bangalore, Mysore and Bandhipur road. Since this is a forest the roads to reach Masinagudi will be closed between 9PM to 6AM. Hence make sure you plan your arrival/departure times accordingly.



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