Tipu Sultan Fort

Tipu Sultan Fort Palakkad kerala

Tipu Sultan Fort , Palakkad kerala is a beautiful tourist destination located in the heart of Palakkad city. The fort has witnessed many historical events.The fort is one of the favorite places for couples and children alike. Beautifully constructed walls and craters enhance the beauty of the fort.The fort is today preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. The fort is one of the best preserved forts in India.
There is also a Ground opposite the fort. Today it is known as Kottamaidanam It was here that Tipu Sultan’s elephants and horses were tied up.Today the ground is used for sports and other events.The Central Archaeological Department’s Rappadi Open Air Auditorium and Children’s Park attracts the attention of the people. Tipu Sultan Fort Palakkad kerala
Other highlights of Palakkad fort
Palakkad fort is a moat made of granite pillars and you can see water even in hot summers.
The beautiful Hanuman Temple can be seen here. It attracts a lot of tourists
In some parts of the fort, you can see carvings of the Hindu faith and in other parts of the Islamic faith.
The fort was designed by French engineers
History of Palakkad Fort
tipu sultan fort palakkad history
Fearing the samuthiri attack, Palakkad Achen approached Hyder Ali in 1757.
Haider’s Salon Mukhram Ali laid the foundation stone for the fort facing north. To the north was the fort gate, and to the west was the armory
The fort was strategically important to Hyder Ali.
History has it that the fort was completed in 1766
Although Hyder Fort was built on the instructions of Itti Kompan Achen, the King of Palakkad, Hyderali later took control of the fort.
Itti Kombi Achen was imprisoned by Hyderali in Srirangapatna
After Hyder Ali, his son Tipu Sultan took over the fort
Palakkad Fort is a fort that witnessed many battles after the capture of the fort by Tipu Sultan
Palakkad Fort is a fort that witnessed the battle fought by Tipu and the English. Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British in a fierce battle
However, with Tipu Sultan’s strategy, the fort was recaptured by Tipu Sultan and his troops from the British.
Palakkad Fort is located in the heart of the city .Therefore, tourists can reach here very quickly.It is 4 KM away from Olavakkode railway station .and Coyambathur Airport 53KM.
The distance from Palakkad Fort to the scenic Malampuzha Dam is 8 KM

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