Posadi Gumpe

Posadi Gumpe – a hill station near Manjeshwaram

Posadi Gumpe in snow-covered Kasargod TIMEVLOGZ TECH SAFARI MEDIA
There is a snowy place in Kasaragod district of Kerala.Posadi Gunpe is a place that is still unknown for its natural beauty.It is only now that tourists are beginning to know about this place. Posadi Gunpe is an ideal destination for tourism.The mist-covered Posadi GunPe is a popular tourist destination
Posadi Gunpe Very Nice place in kasaragod Kerala The hillock of Posadi Gumpe, which stands 1060 ft high above sea level, is situated east of Manjeswaram and 15 kilometres south of Bekal. The nearest village to Posadi Gumpe is Paivalike.The hilltop offers a view of the Arabian Sea, Mangalore and Kudremukh. The place is not well-inhabited and the tourists who wish to trek the hill are requested to carry food and water along.
Posade Gumpe is a scenic spot located around the village of Bayar, 32 km northeast of Kasaragod.Posadi Gumbe is located at an elevation of 487.68 m above sea level.
The beauty of these hills attracts everyone. The fog will come at a time we don’t even think about.Every view is calm and beautiful. Posadi Gumbe is a scenic spot located in the district of Kasaragod.Great place for a family getaway
Posadi GanPe is also home to a large number of flora and fauna.It is an ideal place for summer and monsoon seasons. A small waterfall can be seen near the top of the hill.This is one of the reasons why Posadi Gunpe is so popular among tourists
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