Top Tourist Places in Tiruppur Tirupur tourist places list


Top Tourist Places in Tiruppur Tirupur tourist places list

1. Thirumoorthy Hills

Thirumoorthy Hills or Malai is a must-visit place in the Tiruppur district, offering a range of attractions such as hills, a dam, a temple, waterfalls, a swimming pool, a canal, and parks. Located 85 km away from Tiruppur district, this gem is easily accessible via bus facilities available from Udumalpet every day from 5:30 AM to 9 PM. I recommend travelling to Udumalpet first and then catching a connecting bus to Thirumoorthy Hills from Tiruppur, as direct buses are limited.
One of the famous waterfalls in Tamil Nadu, Panjalinga Aruvi or Thirumoorthy Fall, is located here, as well as the well-known Thirumoorthy Temple.

Thirumoorthy Hills
Thirumoorthy Malai

2. Amaravathi Dam

Explore the scenic Amaravathi Dam, located 85 km from Tiruppur district, for its attractions. Visit the beautiful Amaravathi Crocodile Park, where you can spot various crocodile species up close. Another must-visit spot is the Sainik School, managed by the Sainik Schools Society under the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and is the only one of its kind in Tamil Nadu. The dam, park, and canal are other important spots to explore. Pro tip: Don’t miss the chance to savour the delicious fresh fish available in Amaravathi Dam.

Top Seven Tourist Places To Visit In Tiruppur  - Tamil Nadu

Amaravathi Dam – Tiruppur tourist places
Amaravathi Dam

3. Panjalinga Aruvi aka Thirumoorthy Falls

Panjalinga Aruvi or Thirumoorthy Falls is a famous waterfall in Tamilnadu. It is 86Kms away from Tiruppur. Falls will be open from 8 AM – 5 PM. Once you reach the Thirumoorthy Temple by Bus or your vehicle, you’ll have to do a little trek around 1Km to enter this beautiful waterfall. I strongly suggest you reach Thirumoorthy Temple at noon. The first thing is to do is, visit the waterfalls and get the free Massage. After that, climb down and do your pray with Amanalingeswarar. Then in the evening time, visit the Park and canal.

Thirumoorthy Falls
Thirumoorthy Falls

4. Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple –

Tiruppur Tourist Places
Avinasilingeswarar temple(அருள்மிகு பெரும்கருணைநாயகி அம்மன் உடனமர் அவிநாசியப்பர் திருக்கோயில்) or Tiruppukkozhiyur temple is 14 km away from Tiruppur. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva is worshipped as Avinashiappar and represented by the lingam. Also, His consort Parvati is depicted as Karunambigai. Uniquely, It is a very ancient Shiva temple and a wonderful place to get peace.

Top Tourist Places in Tiruppur

Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple
Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple

5. Amanalingeswarar Temple

Amanalingeswarar or Thirumoorthy Temple is a very prominent temple in Udumalpet. In the first place, Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are known as Thirumoorthigal, and all three idols originate in this place. And that is how the temple was named Thirumoorthi Temple. Furthermore, locals believe this temple is very almighty. Amanalingeswarar temple is 20Km away from Udumalpet.

6. Chinnar – Tiruppur Tourist Places
Chinnar is a place that lies on the Tamilnadu-Kerala border and is known as Kodanthur by locals. It has two main things to explore. One is Chinnar River, and the other one is Kattalai Mariamman Temple. This temple is more than 60 years old. Local people only visit this temple as most of us didn’t know there is a temple that exists. And also, there are a lot of Mountain dwellers who lives here. If we need to see them, we’ve to go after the temple for almost 2-3 Kms. But the Govt won’t allow us to go.

7. Udumalai Tirupati
Udumalai Tirupathi is a new temple constructed in and available for devotees from 2018. The stunning architectural work still going on to enhance the temple premises. The right time to visit this wealthy temple is on all Saturdays. The temple went viral all over Tamilnadu when they started allowing devotees. The big positive is, the temple is neat and clean. And also, it is a great place to get peace. Know more here.

Udumalai Tirupati
Udumalai Tirupathi

8. Amaravathi Crocodile Park

– Tiruppur Tourist Places
Amaravathi Crocodile Farm is 87 Km away from Tiruppur district. Crocodile Farm is open from 9 AM to 6 PM all day. Surprisingly, You can feel that you are in the mid of the forest. You can experience the crocodiles within 2 feet of distance, that is very exciting. The fun is crocodiles open and close its mouth occasionally. We might be confused sometimes is a statue or real.

On the negative side, they need to add more crocodiles since there are a lot of places available. Another point is they should have some guide to explain.

9. Sivanmalai –

Tiruppur Tourist Places
Sivanmalai Temple is a unique Temple in Kangeyam. This temple is 24 Km away from Tiruppur district. The speciality in this temple is, devotees come to this temple to pray. After reaching their home, In sleep, they’ll have a dream that something needs to be blessed by the Sivanmalai temple. So, that everyone started to bring their belongings to present that in front of God. Likewise, many devotees displayed their belongings including, guns, Gold, Money, Sand, Water, Salt and much more. They also claimed that they got the expected result after the blessings.

Tiruppur Tourist Places – Sivanmalai
10. Sukreswarar Temple – Tiruppur Tourist Places
Sukreswarar temple is 8Km away from Tiruppur. Uniquely, 2 Nandhi statues at the entrance make people fall in love with it. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is one of the historical places. Furthermore, the Sukresawarar temple architecture design is attractive. The evening is the right time to go to this temple and relax for around 30 – 45 minutes.


11. Dharapuram Temples

Tiruppur Tourist Places
Dharapuram is a town 50 Km away from Tiruppur. It is home to thousands of temples. Most temples are Kula Deivam(Family God) for many people living in the Kongu Region. Not only the Kongu region, but all TN people used to visit many temples around Dharapuram. Note: Even our Kula Deivam is in the Dharapuram circle only.

Hidden Tourist Places In Tiruppur

12. Amaravathi River

At Elayamuthur
In the first place, you should know, Amaravathi river joins the Kaveri river at Karur. The primary water source for Amaravathi Dam is the Chinnar river. Coming to the point, in 8-10 Kms there is a village named Elayamuthur. There is a bridge to cross over the river. Sometimes, the water flow will be high, and at that time, we can’t cross the bridge or even go too near. So, we can go on the ordinary day when the water flow is medium. And we can enjoy bathing and experiencing the chillness and pure nature around us.

13. Vazhai Thottathu Ayyan Temple

Arulmigu Vazhai Thottathu Ayyan Temple is 20 Km away from Tiruppur and 40 Km from Coimbatore. A deity named Chinnaiyan helped most of the idols suffering from Poisonous insect’s bites. However, he was killed by his beloved Bull 160+ years ago. Now, the govt itself keeps the place with Snake home soil(பாம்பு புத்து). In the present-day also, every idol believes that they can get rid of Poisonous insect’s.

14. Elumalayan Temple,

Elumalayan Temple is open at seasonal times. Purattasi in Tamil month is the right time to visit the temple. This temple will be available on all Saturday’s in Purattasi month(17 Sep – 17 Oct). Special buses from Udumalpet will be arranged for the temple by Govt. This temple comes under the Panchayat of Manupatti. This temple includes 1-hour trekking. The main thing about this place is we can bring our food and make them in the temple. Foods include dates, sweets, Poha(அவல்), bananas and much more. There are plenty of small shops offering toys and kids materials in Elumalayan Temple. Notably, this temple is dedicated to Venkateswara, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

15. Mala Kovil Alkondamal Temple,

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, Alkondamal Temple or Mala Kovil in Pethappampatti is a seasonal time famous temple. Every year on Pongal time, there are a lot of activities will be conducted in this temple. There are a lot of crowds at the festival time. That is the more special in this temple. Activities like, Merry-go-round, Salangai Eruthu (Activity with Bull), Lot of small shops and much more things will be interesting for anyone coming here new. Being said this, January is the right time to visit this temple.

16. Kallapuram Nature

Kallapuram has nothing but the Bliss of Nature. Below things are extraordinary in Kallapuram that anyone can experience.

The Paddy Fields
Marvellous Views Of The Nature
Restless River
Amaravathi Dam View
Peaceful Weather
Super-Duper Shooting Points.

Near Kallapuram
Frequently Asked Questions.
What is famous in Tiruppur?
In general, T-Shirts and manufacturing companies are famous in Tiruppur. On the other hand, there are a lot of tourist places including Thirumoorthy Hills.


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